Support the hosting of the Fellows

The local hosting of the fellows and the promoting of the Peace Center in Uppsala needs your support. We want to create the best possible creative milieu for the exchange of knowledge between the fellows and the Scandinavian Rotarian Community.

The easiest way is to pay a gift to bankgiro 322-6883 or use Swich to No 123-209 1551. For international payment look below.

This Foundation is under supervision of public authorities, Länsstyrelsen, and a professional auditor.

BANKGIRO: 322-6883
SWISH: 123 209 1551
International payment:
BIC: SWEDSESS, IBAN: SE37 8000 0832 7994 4631 0428
(Swedbank, Box 12506, 102 29 Stockholm)

Nobel Seminar for the Fellows

On December 10 every year the Nobel Prizes Laureates receive their Nobel Medal and Nobel Diploma from the hands of the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. To celebrate this event the Foundation have inviteded the Rotary Peace Fellows to a Nobel Dinner, last year in Uppsala. This photo is from an erlier year when the Fellows got the opportunity to inspect a Nobel Medal and Diploma in original. Sune Bergström received the Medicine Prize 1982 and his son participated in the event.

Uppsala Foundation for Rotary Peace Fellows Promotion

The sole purpose of this Foundation, created in 2013, is to support financially the Rotary host of the Fellows studying in Uppsala. Through fund-raising and other means the Foundation collect money witch are used to activites for the Fellows during their time in Sweden.

The name of the Foundation is: Uppsala Foundation for Rotary Peace Fellows Promotion. And in Swedish: Insamlingsstiftelsen för främjande av stipendiater vid Rotary Peace Center i Uppsala ( 802477-9129)